Far East Frontier Corporation

The core competence of FEFC is the result of our human resources and capability. Our thorough collection of customers needs in the evolving market environment, and our in-depth research in the regional market in the area of supply of equipment, materials, locating suitable technology / know-how and mobilizing competent contractors and vendors in order to accomplish our mission shall not only maximize Customer satisfaction but add to our competence. Our ultimate goal at FEFC is to grow together with our Customers.

We work hard to realize Customer’s dreams, and maximize their business profitability.

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Construction Service Provider

Daewoo TheOVille Plus, 824-25, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

+62 817 987 1699 (Jakarta); +82-70-4267-5550 (Korea)

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Email : deepbluehsp@naver.com
Telepon : 08179871699
Situs : http://www.fefc.co.kr


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