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Solar Panel, Inverter, Rectifier, Converter, UPS, Battery Storage: (Lead Acid Battery & Lithium Battery), Lightning Protections, Generator Set, Fuel Cells

PT. Pracom Mitrajaya was established on April 2000 in Jakarta. Indonesia has big range in the era of development especially in power supply system & green energy. Nowadays power supply resources are limited and will become a serious issue if we didn’t maintain the usage rightly. Therefore PT. Pracom Mitrajaya, who operates as power system and green energy provider are interested to fulfill the needs of power system in Indonesia with better quality products and service also knowledge for our customer. With approximately 126 employees, PT. Pracom Mitrajaya has experienced teams with strong history of business, academic, and technological accomplishment.

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Technology Service Provider: Manufacturing and Workshop

Perkantoran Puri Niaga III
JL. Puri Kencana Blok M8-1I
Kembangan Selatan Jakarta Barat 11610

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