Rumah Energi

Rumah Energi is a non profit organization, aim to contribute Indonesia’ goal on food and energy security.
Currently is promoting domestic biogas sector, in collaboration with more than 40 construction organization partners (NGOs, Cooperatives, Small Companies), and five financial institutions partners (Rabo Bank Foundation, Kiva, Credit Union, Dairy and Non Dairy Cooperatives) operating in 10 provinces.

While pursuing the 100,000 domestic biogas through the domestic biogas program, Rumah Energi is working with donors to address climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, waste management, clean water supply, solar pv promotion, integrated farming, business development, emergency response and internship.

Rumah Energi is also seeking sustainable fund through establishment of wing businesses, where legally can trade product such as fertilizers, biogas appliances, and provision of services including surveys, consultation, project management.

Market development for domestic biogas has also develop some expertise within Rumah Energi in the field of campaign and advocacy, training and consultancy , market development, and carbon financing.

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Technical Consultant

Jl. Pejaten Barat 30a
Jakarta Selatan 12550

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Telepon : 0217821086
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Rumah Energi provide :
product (through it wing businesses)
-Bio fertilizer
-fabricated digesters
-constructed bio digester (small – medium)

services (both as non profit and profit through the wing businesses) including :

-Capacity building in bio digester construction
-consultation for waste management
-Project Management
-Business Development
-campaign and advocacy

Rekam jejak:
6 years, implementing domestic biogas program (IDBP) as sub contractor for Hivos, including the TERANG and GADING (MCA-I funded) program in 2016-2018 and M4P- Prisma Pig Rearing in Sumba in 2017-2018.
Adaptation to Climate Change Program – ICCTF , Biogas Program in Lampung – Business Development Service (HEF Embasy of New Zealand), Zero Waste – Pilot Project for Citarum Bersih with Perusahaan Umum Jasa Tirta II.

Installation of 25 solar pv charging in schools, 25 solar pv charging in Kiosk, and 25 agricultural PV systems in Kiosks in Sumba.
Installation of 7 bio digesters 30m3 in Jambi,
Installation of 4 bio digesters in Islamic boarding schools
Installation of domestic bio digesters in several areas for education purposes